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Dog Joint Supplement – Advanced Extra Strength Veterinary Formulation with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Turmeric which has been Developed and Approved by Vets. Manufactured in the UK.

All natural ingredients with anti- inflammatory properties in dogs including high levels of three antioxidants supporting canine joint care and conditions such as arthritis, hip-dysplasia and other related joint/cartilage issues.

With very high levels of three anti-oxidants and two anti-inflammatory agents this advanced specialist product has only been available in Veterinary practices in the UK, now for the first time this specialist product is available to you!

Combatting the three major threats to good joint health:

1. Helps to support and maintain cartilage production
2. Has Anti-inflammatory properties
3. Includes Antioxidant agents. Sometimes pets in their senior years whether cats or dogs can get stiff and find it hard to get around.

Designed to be some of the highest grade joint supplements/nutraceuticals on the market produced in pharmaceutical grade facilities. These ingredients include high levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin but also with an extra special ingredient – Turmeric. Turmeric has many anti-inflammatory properties which may help joint health. Effective for any medium to large sized dogs, this product may help support and maintain health and mobility and assist in promoting good health and long life.

This product particularly focuses on the joint, cartilage and synovial fluid areas to give support. In 60 Beef flavored tablets which after the initial 6 weeks the dose can be halved so allowing for long term usage where each pot will last twice as long.

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