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However the big question is how do I know if my dog ​​has a fever ?, because in we clarify everything about it.

Main symptoms

Knowing if our dog has a fever will require some observation on our part, although some symptoms are unequivocal such as:

Nose warm and dry to the touch, Eyes seemingly watery or cloudy, Your pet is apathetic, apathetic and a little nervous, tremors.

The help of a specialist

It is necessary to determine the cause of this condition, if it is a parasite, some problem of immunological character or another more specific condition, the treatment will vary depending on the origin of the discomfort. Only the specialist can see if the dog has a fever and find the source of the problem.

At home

You should always follow your veterinarian’s instructions, but you can also help your dog at home by following these recommendations:

As in any case of fever, hydration is essential, if you see that your dog does not want to drink water give him broth of meat or chicken, but it is very important that you get the way to drink liquid

If you find yourself shaking cover it with a light blanket, stay by your side as long as possible, this will make you feel comforted

Giving a warm bath to your pet could help lower body temperature
Another good option is to wipe a cloth with cold water on your belly and face

Constantly monitor the condition of your nose, so you can check if the temperature has dropped

If the condition gets worse, take it to the vet.

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