Duke….Burden by Amos Lee

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This is Duke! Duke’s story is a very sad story, but unfortunately not too rare these days. Duke has tested high heart worm positive which means he was never put on heart worm prevention by the previous “rescue” that raised fund for his care. Duke will most likely need surgery to repair the damage done, to his soft palate when he was shot in the face by a deputy in his own yard. He has difficulty breathing and has a green discharge. Dames for Danes is asking our wonderful supporters to consider donating and give this big beautiful boy the vet care he deserves. He has been used for fundraising but from what we can gather, he was never provided proper vetting or at the least heart worm preventative. Duke has an appointment with Dr Bart Bain, Tuesday Aug 11th a 8:30!

Here is his story.
Duke has been failed time and time again by the very people who said they would take care of him, Dames For Danes says….enough is enough! Duke deserves better than this.
Duke has been shot point blank in the face by a deputy that felt threatened for barking and growling, surrendered to a shelter, passed around from foster to rescue and apparently never on HW preventative…as he was just tested high positive and will require aggressive treatment. Although Duke is not a Dane, Dames For Danes would like to change Duke’s fate, we know our supporters will not let us down. Let’s do the right thing for this beautiful creature and give this sweet boy the care and find him a wonderful loving home!
Here is Duke’s story! Please share!
Duke is a gorgeous 4 year old American Bulldog mix with quite a story to tell. In April of 2014, Duke’s neighbors called the police because he was off his lead and running around his yard. The deputy who responded went into Duke’s backyard and knocked on the back door, which caused Duke to bark and growl at him. The deputy said he felt threatened and he shot Duke point blank in the face.
The bullet tore through Duke’s soft pallet and sinuses, requiring extensive surgery to repair it. Duke’s owner relinquished him immediately to the local shelter and they placed him in a foster home to recover.
Now this is where Duke’s story gets even more sad. He stayed with the foster family for almost 6 months, with no interest from adopters. That foster home couldn’t keep him any longer so he was passed off to an inexperienced rescue, where he stayed until being adopted in March of this year. Then the unthinkable – the adopter said Duke is too big and strong for playing with her grandson and that she was returning him to the animal shelter. One of our fosters who knew Duke’s story decided that enough is enough and brought him into her home this week.
Our foster immediately took Duke to get flea and heartworm medications and there she learned that Duke tested HIGH POSITIVE for heartworm as well. It’s yet another blow for this poor boy and heartbreaking because it was preventable. No one even cared enough to give him a simple monthly pill.
Duke has been failed time and time again by the very people who said they would take care of him. He is a sweet, obedient hunk of a lap dog who loves people, animals, and toys. His muzzle looks a little different and he makes some funny noises due to the damage from the gunshot wound, but he doesn’t require any special care beyond wiping his nose now and then. He only wants a family who will love him and keep him for the rest of his days. After everything he’s been through, could you be the one to give him the happy ending he so deserves?
Duke is in the Cleveland Tn area and will be seeing Dr Bain. as we raise the funds.
349 New Hope Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 Mention Dames For Danes, Duke fund Or donate to our PayPal account!
Please email a request for an application to: damesfordanes@gmail.com, or contact Dames in a private message.

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