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Socializing your dog is very important, so in my opinion Dog Parks can be a good idea as long as you’re aware of their dangers.

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Dangers to be aware of at the dog park

1. Diseases : You never know! It’s a place frequently visited with all types of dogs with no real restrictions. Have your dogs current on their vaccinations.
2. Parasites : Be aware of the soil and water at the dog parks. They could be contaminated with feces that carry parasites. Have your dog on a heartworm/intestinal parasite preventative.
3. Other dogs : Aggressive and fear-biters are known to sometimes join us at dog parks. Know the signs of an aggressive/fear-biting dog. Dog fights do happen! Watch my how to introduce a new dog video on how to break up a dog fight.
4. Humans : Their habits may be even worse than your’s. 😉 Just be aware of how they treat your dog. Don’t be afraid to ask someone not to do something (For example – let your dog jump up on them).
5. Your dog : Be aware of your dog and if you’re able to trust them with other dogs. Have some basic commands like come already in place so you still have control.

I have a post about dog day cares that I’d love for you to read as well. I would suggest dog day care for someone who isn’t on a tight budget. Dog day cares are controlled safe environments for your dog to socialize under supervision with other dogs while you’re away.

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