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Dog Aggression Transformation with Laika
K9 Disciples Dog Training Chapel Hill Durham NC

Hope Animal Rescue

Laika was rescued from a shelter by Hope Animal Rescue and was heartworm positive. Laika had signs of a previous litter and no past history.
She was suppose to be dog-friendly but that was not the case.
When she was taken in by her fosters they noticed dog aggression when out on walks.Dogs with aggressive behavior are never given a chance at a shelter. They are quickly written off as being a liability and training is not an option. Her true behavior really showed when she was outside. Laika was very tense and always on the lookout for her protection. She showed unpleasant behavior towards people walking by and even lunging towards bicycles. The worse part of her behavior stood out if a dog was in sight. She felt threatened and was ready for a fight even at far distances. This put her over the top with lunging, growling, and snarling.
When given a toy she would strongly possess it and treat it like she was holding her prey.

Laika needed intensive training to transform her completely….

Laika needed very strong structure and guidance with clear communication, and a positive association with dogs. She also needed to have trust in her handler and increased confidence to overcome her rough past. This was done with many different techniques along with help from my dog Blu.

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