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I have been making this cough syrup medicine for easing the cough of our old girl Ruby (English Bull Terrier), who has a mucus type cough which has not responded to 3 x 2 week courses of 3 different antibiotics. Ruby is ten and a half years young and very active. I have listened to her heart which sounds fine, she has been to the vets for check ups, which confirm her heart is ok. Her coughing generally happens when she has been laying down and stands up. She has also been wormed for lung worm and heart worm using two different brands of wormer to cover every possible parasite infection.
Her condition has improved substantially and we do give her 1500 milligrams of vitamin c daily which has restored her youthfulness and greatly improved her activity. (Miraculous)
The cough medicine relieves her coughing completely for most of the day and night and I usually wait for her to cough before giving her another 4 to 5 ml, sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. After she has her cough medicine she stops coughing.
This medicine is also helpful with kennel cough so if you do try it please add a comment below so that we can learn more from each other.
If your dog has a long term cough, please have your dog checked by a vet for heart or lung problems. If you get the all clear and dog is still coughing, this will help to ease the irritation, open up the airways be eliminating congestion and mucus.
I look forward to reading your comments.
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Recipe: Grate rind and white pith of lemon add 200 ml of boiling water and allow to stand, work grated rind with back of spoon to release the limonene, also found in orange peel. Filter out using a strainer and add two to three teaspoons of honey.

Juice the remaining lemon, filter through strainer and add to mixture

I add 5 to 10 drops of Lugol’s Iodine 10% to the mixture which makes 1/4 litre
To make your own Lugol’s iodine See my video: The iodine is good for respiratory conditions and also preserves the medicine.

I then add around 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and shake vigorously and shake each time it is used to make sure eucalyptus oil and limonene is mixed well. Video on how to make Eucalyptus oil.

I Keep it in fridge but lasts for many weeks.

I use a baby 5 mil syringe and silicone adapter for the bottle to administer it. Now using 3 ml for an adult bull terrier weighing around 28 kilo

Obviously smaller dogs will require less. I have used this medicine on myself and found it to provide instant relief from coughing and removing mucus.

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