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We understand you want to know more about deadly ticks on dogs, how to kill them and what would be the most effective treatments for dogs.

Watch this video from The Advantage Family to find out more about treatments for ticks on dog, which techniques you can apply, and what products are best to use for dogs.

If you’ve ever wondered “What are the deadly dog ticks in Australia?” or “Which product is best to control and spot-on treatment for dog ticks?” The Advantage Family has all the answers.

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Video Transcript Information:

Because you love your dog tick protection is a must, although not all treatments are the same.

Chewable tablets rely on ticks biting your dog.

Ticks must suck up the active ingredient in your dog’s blood.

Advantix spot-on is different.

Only Advantix is designed repel and killed deadly ticks.

Ticks retreat and die.

So you have a choice to let ticks bite or don’t.

Advantix, the only treatment that repels and kills.

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