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Pet Care – How to Care your dog Tick Problem
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Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Grewal. Who is an owner of Grewal Pet Shop and Farm, Main Road, Adampur. In this video, he tells about How to Care your dog Tick Problem in the Hindi Language.

1. It’s no fun having to remove ticks from your dog during the spring and summer months.

2. Not only are these blood-suckers nasty to look at, all filled up with your pet’s hard won blood as they are, they are also notoriously difficult to dislodge, making it so you have to get up close and personal in order to assure success.

3. Using an over the counter spot-on medication that you purchase from your veterinarian, pet store, or online can be a very effective method for controlling both ticks and fleas.

4. These medications are effective at keeping parasites at bay for up to a month.

5. Bathing your dog with a shampoo that contains medicated ingredients will generally kill ticks on contact.

6. This can be an inexpensive (though labor-intensive) method of protecting your dog during the peak tick season.

7. Newborn puppies provide the perfect environment for fleas to feed and lay their eggs.

8.These dog fleas (scientifically known as ctenocephalides canis) are very undesirable, as they cause the puppies’ skin to become itchy and irritated. In more severe cases, the puppy can become anemic due to loss of blood caused by the parasites.

9. Newborn puppies provide the perfect host for fleas — they are warm, produce moisture and provide blood for food.

10. Some anti-flea products will be clearly marked as unsuitable for puppies on the label. Other products have never been tested on puppies, so the manufacturers advise against using them.

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