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Hutchins is a small city with a population of around 5 thousand, animal control took in 800 dogs last year, only 200 made it out. The shelter is closed to the public and its just a remote metal building with 8 kennels inside. No lights, just skylights to give the pets inside a source of light during the day. There is no separation in the small building, dogs get euthanized in front of other dogs. They do not receive vaccines, flea medication or dewormers. They have very limited supplies, with a budget of 00 annually all they can provide is food and a few minutes of companionship.

They need a fenced off area where dogs can get some time outside, supplies, cots, beds, blankets, sheets, towels, wed dog food, treats, leashes/collars, flea medicine, dewormer, funds for vaccines and medicines, etc.

They need a volunteer program. Currently, they have one part-time animal control officer, who is only able to visit once during the weekends to feed. They need help with active networking, as there are no public adoptions nor rescue assistance at the moment.

Any financial donations can be mailed to PO Box 500 Hutchins, TX 75141 or donated directly through

Supplies can be dropped off at Hutchins City Hall during business hours, 321 N. Main Street, Hutchins TX 75141.

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