Dr. Al Plechner Veterinarian Talks on Vaccines-Allergies-Housebreaking-Fleas-Dog Food

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Dr. Alfred Plechner, DMV is a veterinarian that is also the author of several books that help you take care of your pet and prevent illness.

For those with pets that have allergies and other health problems, Dr. Plechner may have the answers for helping provide your pet relief.

Find out about vaccines. How much is too much. A test to find out if your vaccines are really working.

What you should feed your dog, how to housebreak them, the safety of pet meds such as those for fleas, and alternative therapies.

Dr. Plechner helps you know what are some of the most important things to be looking for and doing when you bring home a new puppy. Without the proper care, your new puppy could be susceptible to deadly diseases that hit strong and fast. Even with vaccines you dog may not be protected. Some dogs don’t make the antibodies needed for protection.

Your dog can stop making antibodies at any age. How can you know for sure that the vaccine was effective and your pet is protected?

Watch all three parts of this interview so you don’t miss anything.

Go to: www.SmartHealthTalk.com
To find out more about Dr. Alfred Plechner and his books go here: http://drplechner.com/home.php

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